Sea Lion Branding in Oregon

California Sea Lions at Westport, Washington - ©ingridtaylar Because this is happening a few hours from home, I'm posting to bring some attention to the issue. I haven't included any graphic photos, but the subject matter is the hazing and culling of California sea lions. Just south of our Washington border, in Astoria, Oregon, the Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) is trapping and branding sea lions at the Bonneville Dam on the [...]

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Another Exposé of USDA Wildlife Services

I received an email recently, asking if I'd heard any updates on the Jamie Olson situation, the one I posted about in November. As you may recall, Jamie Olson is the USDA Wildlife Services trapper who posted about his wildlife "work" -- with graphic images depicting his treatment of wolves and other predators, including pictures of his dogs mauling trapped animals. The petition to fire Jamie Olson, started by Project Coyote, is still [...]

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How Many Songbirds Didn’t Have to Die?

** Note: There is no graphic visual content in this post. The subject matter, is, however disheartening for anyone who cares about birds. How many? That's a legitimate question. I don't know and I'd like to -- but there's no verifiable nor practical way to find out. It's an issue that came up for me a couple of years ago when I ran across dozens of bird-shooting videos on YouTube. The titles are often something [...]

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Fly Away Home (and Safe) … 2012

This is my annual post -- on the eve of waterfowl hunting season in both Washington (where I'm living now) and California (my home). It recounts a waterfowl hunt I encountered unexpectedly in the Sacramento Delta area of Northern California. I've been lightly tweaking the post each year, adding either a few new details or links. This year, I'm recommending a book by Marti Kheel: Nature Ethics: An Ecofeminist Perspective. Kheel addresses the gap between [...]

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Bird Rescue, Fishing Gear & Existential Inquiries

This post is (or will be) a rambling confluence of a few different stories. Back in June, I posted about a Brown Pelican I saw flying over Bolsa Chica at dusk. I photographed the bird in silhouette as it trailed a triple-hook fishing lure from its pouch. I obviously have no way of knowing what will happen to the pelican I saw in that flyover, but in my Facebook feed today, I saw [...]

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Sea Lions, Salmon & Seal Bombs

Note: Taking into account my title ... no sea lions were harmed in the deployment of these "seal bombs." There is, however, one dead salmon -- a sea lion's meal. I'm a relatively new witness to the conflicts in the Pacific Northwest between humans, sea lions, salmon, tribes, dams, fish ladders, and fisher people. As such, this was my first experience watching explosive sea lion deterrents in use at the Ballard Locks ... ATF-regulated "seal [...]

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The Hook-and-Plastic Club for Birds

Edited on 6/12/12 to add a few links and resources. This was my last shot of the night. Under a California sky, I saw my favorite silhouettes on approach ... those pterodactyl forms, Brown Pelicans, gliding past the fallen sun. Knowing I would get just the barest outline of a pelican, I raised my lens anyway, finding it impossible not to photograph these big birds I miss so much up here in the Northwest. As [...]

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The Sac Bee on USDA Wildlife Services

I knew about some of the lethal practices used by Wildlife Services, but I had no idea about the extent of usage and implementation. This three-part series from the Sacramento Bee is a really tough read (as in painful), but I think it's information worth knowing: The Killing Agency (Part 1) and Part Two by Tom Knudsen. (Thanks to Dawn Watch for the link.)

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Our Wolves, Our Humanity

I decided, when I started this blog, that I would limit the content to things I'd personally photographed or experienced. For the most part, I do that, digressing only occasionally. I made that choice because on any given day, I read about, hear about, or other wise encounter wildlife issues that either trouble me or inspire me, but that could also fill this blog space a thousand times over. I'm one solo traveler with my [...]

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The “Cripples” … or Why I Hate Wing Shooting

Yesterday evening, we were photographing Snow Geese and didn’t realize that we (along with at least 10 other photographers) had chosen a field where hunters were lying in camo. I promised myself I would wait until hunting season was over before I ventured into the wilds beyond Seattle — just as I did last year. But, we were in the area, and we heard the clamor of a Snow Goose flock. I listened for shotguns [...]

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Part 3: Our Economic Potential As Birders & Wildlife Watchers

This is Part 3 (of 3) in a series on non-hunting revenue streams for our National Wildlife Refuge system. In Part 1 I talk about the issues surrounding the current funding system. In Part 2, I interview Marlin Greene who’s been producing an alternative refuge stamp since 2006, to draw attention to this subject. Edited to add: The idea of a national Wildlife Conservation Stamp is gaining traction and support. It would be an alternative [...]

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Add a Voice to the Refuge Stamp Discussion

There's a great comment thread happening over at 10,000 Birds where Mike was kind enough to cross-link to my recent posts here on Non-Hunters and Wildlife Refuges. The 10,000 Birds site is an awesome place -- a repository for all things bird and birding. It's one of my regular stops for bird news and commentary, and if you haven't been, I know you will enjoy the discussions over there. Part 3: Flaunting Our Economic Potential [...]

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Part 2: The Non Hunters’ Stamp

In the first part of this three-part series, I posted about the funding issues that shape land-use decisions on National Wildlife Refuges.You can read that post here: Part 1: Non-Hunters and National Wildlife Refuges.In Part 3 I discuss how birders, photographers and wildlife watchers can capitalize on their economic power. Here, I interview photographer Marlin Greene on his concept of the refuge stamp and what "refuge" means to him. Part 2: The No [...]

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Part 1: Wildlife Watchers and National Wildlife Refuges

This is a three part series about National Wildlife Refuge funding and how the current system affects land-use privileges for non-hunters and non-consumptive users. In Part 2 I interview photographer Marlin Greene who has created a No Hunting Stamp to promote awareness about hunting on National Wildlife Refuges. And in Part 3 I discuss how birders, photographers and wildlife watchers can capitalize on their economic power. ------------------------------------- Here's the issue. This blurb is taken from [...]

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Derelict Nets & Entangled Birds

Note: All gulls pictured in this post, and other trapped birds were freed from the netting. Follow Up on 10/21/11: I phoned today and learned that an official went out to this net, confirmed what we saw in terms of bird entanglement, and holes in the net have apparently been fixed as a temporary measure, although I'm anxious to check up on the gulls myself. I was told the Westport seafood company responsible for these [...]

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Fly Away Home (and Safe) …. 2011

I'm re-posting my comments from October 2010, on this the opening day of waterfowl hunting season in Washington State, and a week before California's opener. I've said it before so rather than saying it again, I've opted to reprint my thoughts from last year, with a few tweaks. See also a discussion of non-hunters and wildlife refuges ... and an alternative perspective from a photographer who's come up with an idea for an alternative revenue [...]

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Bay & Beach Flotsam: Why Coastal Cleanup Days Are Critical

It was the best of the beach and the not-so-best of the beach. The best -- luminous in color and texture, with Brown Pelicans, porpoises and whales gliding parallel to the shore. The not-so-best, well -- that was the inspiration for Bay & Beach Flotsam, Episode 3. We had just found two dead sea lions washed ashore on Pacifica beach. We saw three more on the beach at Fort Funston in San Francisco. Sea lion [...]

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Splendor in the Low Tide

An homage to Warren and Natalie -- in title alone. There's photographic magic in the sun rising over a super-low tide. At the point where dawn meets a -2.0, the strange, the stunning, the predictable and the chaotic all converge on that plane of tide pools, mudflats, and beach hopper burrows. California Beach Hopper - ©ingridtaylar One of my favorite coastal spots for tide pool exploration is Fitzgerald Marine Reserve on the San [...]

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