It’s the Time of the Season … for Bird Noir

Without even a wisp of autumn air, Seattle dipped from summer to storm, from a prolonged swelter to a premature December gray, leaving me damp and unrequited. In eighty days without droplets and dew, the Emerald city turned topaz and so dry that even the pigeons, normally preening under nimbostratus showers, looked haggard for the heat. All I wanted was autumn -- and a crisp Washington apple and, maybe, a flight of leaves and a [...]

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Crows on Cairns

A group of young American Crows or Northwestern Crows (or American-Northwestern hybrid crows) foraged around these cairns along Seattle's waterfront ... like sentries in their own Norman towers. Click for Larger Image I don't know if I'm looking at American or Northwestern Crows when I photograph these corvids in Seattle. The distinction for me -- and apparently many others -- is a bit hazy. Corey at 10,000 Birds discusses this conundrum in his piece, Crows [...]

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Fly Away Home (and Safe) … 2012

This is my annual post -- on the eve of waterfowl hunting season in both Washington (where I'm living now) and California (my home). It recounts a waterfowl hunt I encountered unexpectedly in the Sacramento Delta area of Northern California. I've been lightly tweaking the post each year, adding either a few new details or links. This year, I'm recommending a book by Marti Kheel: Nature Ethics: An Ecofeminist Perspective. Kheel addresses the gap between [...]

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Studies in Godwit

Every so often, I get a request for 'derivative works' permission -- usually from a wildlife artist who wants to use a photo as the foundation for a painting or print. I particularly love it when the work is used to benefit an animal cause ... like this painting of a Brown Pelican I photographed in San Francisco. Artist Dan Kent created an ink and watercolor version as part of a wildlife benefit during the [...]

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Bird Rescue, Fishing Gear & Existential Inquiries

This post is (or will be) a rambling confluence of a few different stories. Back in June, I posted about a Brown Pelican I saw flying over Bolsa Chica at dusk. I photographed the bird in silhouette as it trailed a triple-hook fishing lure from its pouch. I obviously have no way of knowing what will happen to the pelican I saw in that flyover, but in my Facebook feed today, I saw [...]

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Swifty Monroe

It doesn't just happen in Monroe ... but we took a spontaneous trip to Monroe where it does happen. Vaux's Swifts, up and down their migration corridor, appropriate chimneys for their nightly roosting ritual. In the Bay Area, the Healdsburg swift event was one of those things I'd always meant to attend but never did. So, when I saw mention of the swifts on our local birding list, I coaxed Hugh out to Monroe with [...]

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Osprey: From Platform to Pairing to Fledging

There are three Osprey nests within three miles of our place ... one is a pile of branches, marine rope and police tape, layered on a new platform over Commodore Park. The platform was built after Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) removed an ages-old nest on an even older communications tower on a railroad bridge.   Old Osprey Nest - Railroad Bridge Tower - ¬©ingridtaylar   Old Osprey Perch Below the Nest [...]

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Here He Comes to Save the Day …

This is part of my loosely-formed Coffee Break methodology. I take my coffee, my camera, and sit in my favorite spots. Sometimes things happen. Sometimes they don't. Yesterday, this happened: :: First sign of trouble ... Caspian Tern colony in Interbay flushes over the Magnolia Bridge ... ... signaling alerts. :: In the distance, over Seattle's Elliott Bay, a Bald Eagle does a u-turn to pursue a juvenile gull (Glaucous-winged, I believe). :: No one [...]

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A Kind Turn for Local Gulls

In April, I posted about a gull I'd found ensnared in deterrent wire on a warehouse in our neighborhood. At the time, I contacted a local wildlife hospital and met a person who, in turn, contacted a local wildlife agency about the issue. A couple of months went by and one day Hugh was coming home by way of the warehouse and said, "hey, did you see that the gull is gone? And, they put [...]

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The Crow Patrol

Our apartment sits above Interbay in Seattle -- what used to be a thriving salt marsh and tidal flat, replete with shellfish, marine life and waterfowl. It was a foraging ground for Native Americans of the Shilshole tribe, who made their home in present-day Ballard, just north of Interbay. At the turn of the century, the area's marshlands were filled with garbage and with soil from Seattle's regrade operations --- a sadly common affair throughout [...]

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