Great Horned Owl in Presidio SF

This Great Horned Owl is probably a juvie, based on the begging calls we heard, and what looks like some down on the head. We first saw this owl off a trail, calling through the eucalyptus, cypress, and fog. The owl then surprised us by flying closer, landing not too far from where we standing. As much as I love seeing owls, I give them the distance and space they choose.

Great Horned Owl in San Francisco Presidio

In some mythologies, owls are revered, and illuminated from within like protectors and seers. In others they’re feared, keeping the secrets of ghosts and omens. I think owls are entitled to be just owls on some days at least, without the burden of meaning. The rest of the week they can be extraordinary and enchanting, taking flight and trailing the magic we assign.

Below, a short video of the same owl, issuing a screech or begging call

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