Black Oystercatchers in Pacific Grove

I captured this Black Oystercatcher pair in profile as they scrambled around some rocks in Pacific Grove. They paused for just a second, in a perfect, pointed posture, one against the other.

The bird in back has an eye fleck, which usually means female. From the Journal of Field Ornithology:

“ … we found that eye flecks were sex-linked. Using an eye-fleck model where all females have full eye flecks and males have either slight eye flecks or no eye flecks, we correctly assigned the sex of 117 of 125 (94%) oystercatchers.”

[Olympus EM1markII + m.zuiko 100-400mm]

Black Oystercatcher Pair in Closeup 1600

The photos below were taken on the same day, on the same rock as the two split and converged, one always looking for the other.

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