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Livestock Production, Wildlife & Food Choices

Edited 11/9/12: I received some additional links which expand the discussion here, concerning the findings of the FAO report I link to below. I've noted a few corrections in the actual text. But, you can read a good summary of the points in this New York Times piece, Measuring Livestock's Long Shadow. In this article Robert Goodland, a retired environmental advisor with the World Bank, talks about how livestock's contribution to greenhouse gases is [...]

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What We Are …

The post title derives from a Flickr friend who wrote this comment below my photo: "A sobering reminder of what we are . . ." I will add that what we are doesn't necessarily foretell what we become. :)   Against a scrim of Northwestern mist, the barge SeaLink Rigger chugs toward a scrap metal yard in the Port of Tacoma. I photographed from Marine View Drive, just past Browns Point, as the vessel headed toward [...]

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Derelict Nets & Entangled Birds

Note: All gulls pictured in this post, and other trapped birds were freed from the netting. Follow Up on 10/21/11: I phoned today and learned that an official went out to this net, confirmed what we saw in terms of bird entanglement, and holes in the net have apparently been fixed as a temporary measure, although I'm anxious to check up on the gulls myself. I was told the Westport seafood company responsible for these [...]

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If Orcas Could Buy Sofas …

Orcas can't, of course, pick out sofas. But if they could, they would tell you that their survival may depend on the product and furniture choices we make -- and the industries we support in the process. The orcas of the Salish Sea, who regularly cross the international boundary between Washington State and British Columbia, are among the most PCB-contaminated marine mammals in the world (Ross, Fireproof Killer Whales). They also harbor high levels of [...]

Coming to Terms With the Gulf Oil Disaster

The truth is, I can't. I cannot reconcile what's happening in the Gulf right now when I read the reports . . . when I consider the gusher of oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico and moving into the loop current . . . and when I understand personally what clean up and wildlife rescue entails in even the smaller spills. If BP manages to cap the well next week and some end to [...]

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Bay and Beach Flotsam: Brunswick!

Or, for "The King of Them All" . . . Roto Grip! I regularly shoot images of bay and beach flotsam, documenting the end result of our trashy habits. So, when I saw this bowling ball on a beach in Alameda, it was going to be just that -- a quick documentation of San Francisco Bay litter. (Hugh and I do try to dispose of the most egregious litter we find, but sometimes the shoreline [...]

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Bay & Beach Flotsam: Why Coastal Cleanup Days Are Critical

It was the best of the beach and the not-so-best of the beach. The best -- luminous in color and texture, with Brown Pelicans, porpoises and whales gliding parallel to the shore. The not-so-best, well -- that was the inspiration for Bay & Beach Flotsam, Episode 3. We had just found two dead sea lions washed ashore on Pacifica beach. We saw three more on the beach at Fort Funston in San Francisco. Sea lion [...]

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Iron Eyes Cody – Time to Recycle & Reuse This PSA?

Iron Eyes Cody, also referred to as "The Crying Indian" formed my earliest environmental understanding in this 1971 Keep America Beautiful ad: People Start Pollution, People Can Stop It. According to the Ad Council, the full Keep America Beautiful campaign helped to reduce litter by as much as 88% in 300 communities, 38 states, and several countries. Although I was living in Europe at the time the ad first aired in the States, it was [...]

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