The truth is, I can’t. I cannot reconcile what’s happening in the Gulf right now when I read the reports . . . when I consider the gusher of oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico and moving into the loop current . . . and when I understand personally what clean up and wildlife rescue entails in even the smaller spills.

If BP manages to cap the well next week and some end to this travesty seems plausible, I might be able to muster a sensible, philosophical stance. The truth is, right now, I’m in despair over the ramifications of what’s happening as a result of [what appears to be] another case of unfathomable corporate and bureaucratic negligence, and possible malfeasance.

So, the title of this blog post is misleading. I’m struggling to wrap my head around the severity of this situation, while maintaining a pragmatic and hopeful stance. If this disaster finally moves us toward a genuinely green economy, does that really assuage — under the circumstances? It’s a tragically high price for nature to pay for our own short-sightedness.

If you are, in fact, coming to terms with this situation in effective ways, I’d love to know how. In the meantime, I’ve updated my Gulf oil sticky to include last Sunday’s 60 Minutes story on the topic, as well as a few additional links and stories.

–> Gulf Oil Geyser Updates

The Photo: I shot this as we surveyed for oil and oiled birds on the beaches of San Francisco Bay during the Cosco Busan spill.

In this video, Jay Holcomb of IBRRC explains the bird-washing process in oil spills.