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The Snowy Owls of Seattle

12/31/12: I edited this post early this morning to correct for some late-night syntactical issues. "The piercing light of her eyes is a reminder there is light upon the dark path no matter how doubtful it might be .... Owl can navigate the dark realms of the night and still sustain her nourishment; if you feel lost, the Owl can help you find your true path once again." ~ From The Bohemian Collective It's as [...]

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Bird Verse: Eastern Gods

They are eastern gods -- they meditate. (Yes they are.) "The Owls" by Charles Baudelaire (translated by Edna St. Vincent Millay) The owls that roost in the black yew Along one limb in solemn state, And with a red eye look you through, Are eastern gods; they meditate. No feather stirs on them, not one, Until that melancholy hour When night, supplanting the weak sun, Resumes her interrupted power. Their attitude instructs the wise To [...]

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A Sneeuwuil By Any Other Name

Sneeuwuil - Dutch Le Harfang des neiges - French Sniega puce - Latvian Sn√ługle - Norwegian Wabagano - Cree Shirofukuro - Japanese ~ Many thanks to Paul Asimow's Snowy Owl pages for the above excerpt. We don't yet know if it's an echo year for Snowy Owls (the year after an irruption), but the Bubo scandiacus are once again planting their furry feet on rooftops, sidewalks, meadows and in fir trees around Seattle and the [...]

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Snowy Owls, Boundary Bay & Rethinking My Own Motivations

Snow Owls on driftwood, shot from the dike trail at Boundary Bay - ©ingridtaylar - Click for Larger Image My only intent in visiting Boundary Bay was to get a glimpse of Snowy Owls. I've never seen them in the wild, and although I brought my camera, I didn't expect to be close enough to get any shots. My gear has its limits, and I also knew the owls were celebrities among birders and photographers. [...]

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First … Signs of Snowies

Boundary Bay, British Columbia Edited to add (2/17/12): Since I posted this, I've had animated discussions with photographers who disagree with my stance on this owl/space/ethics issue. They've told me it's acceptable for photographers to be out in the marshes, as long as they don't flush the owls. I wanted to find out what the "official" policy was, irrespective of my personal feelings. So, I called the regional office to get their take. The person [...]

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Wildlife Photography Ethics Matter

Edited to Add (2/12/2012): This was posted to the local birding list today, about the situation at Boundary Bay where the video below was shot: About 4:30pm a woman from [a rehabilitation society] up the road was seen walking out to the various groups and very kindly asking them to retreat back to the dike. She was very successful in doing so ... she said that two owls had been brought in recently suffering from [...]

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Barring the Hat

My first wild encounter with a Barred Owl in Seattle culminated in the photo below. Based on this experience, my advice to children in raptor territory is: avoid wearing plush toy animals on your backpack as the dusk hunting hour approaches. A boy was walking along a wooded path with his mother, a fuzzy toy animal tethered to his pack. From a nearby tree branch, this Barred Owl swooped down, aiming for the little boy's [...]

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