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I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart

A Starling's tribute to Duke Ellington . . . jockeying for best song position, and losing it to a crow. Shot with my Olympus E-520 and Zuiko 70-300mm. The photo was taken as the sun receded behind clouds, just above the horizon, so it was later-afternoon warm and filtered.

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Fast Food [Gull] Nation

Part of what makes gulls both amusing and exasperating to humans is their cleverness and opportunism when it comes to food. Across the gull universe, the diet is omnivorous. They'll eat crustaceans, fish, insects and other marine organisms. They will also prey on the nests of other bird species for food. A number of researchers have explored (and continue to explore) how much of this type predation on nests is affected by human intrusion.  That is [...]

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Admiring – But Not Feeding – San Francisco’s Wild Parrots

All photos taken at a respectful distance with a 70-300mm Zuiko lens: effective reach, 600mm. I was meandering toward Market in San Francisco when I saw them in my peripheral vision. It was cluster of rambunctious humans, a large family with children. It shouldn't have seemed out of the ordinary on a San Francisco summer day. But something was wrong -- I got that familiar coil of nerves in my gut. I decided I'd [...]

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