A Starling’s tribute to Duke Ellington . . . jockeying for best song position, and losing it to a crow.

Starling Singing

Starling in Song - ©ingridtaylar

Starling in Song

More Song - ©ingridtaylar

Starling on Fence

There Must be Better Acoustics - ©ingridtaylar

New Song - ©ingridtaylar

Starling and Crow on Fence

Damn - ©ingridtaylar

Starling and Crow

This Ain't Workin - ©ingridtaylar

Repositioning Again - ©ingridtaylar

Starling on Fence Post

Just Not the Same - ©ingridtaylar

Shot with my Olympus E-520 and Zuiko 70-300mm. The photo was taken as the sun receded behind clouds, just above the horizon, so it was later-afternoon warm and filtered.