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Rilke in a Seattle Autumn

I first read Rainer Maria Rilke one autumn in "Letters to a Young Poet" -- a book handed off to me with pages stained by office carbons. Rilke's letters to Franz Kappus, published by Kappus after Rilke's death, are sympathetic and inspired. There's a reason this collection finds its way to the paws of young writers, as it did mine that fall day. Everything is gestation and then birthing. To let each impression and [...]

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Mondo Maple

Mondo Maple - ©ingridtaylar For perspective, Hugh's shoe in this photo is about 12 inches. I photographed the fallen leaf in our local green space, Discovery Park. It wasn't until I started looking at world-record maple leaves that I realize this particular one -- although not a record setter -- is in the ballpark (or tree park) of some of the largest. The current record is around 21 inches. I'm indoctrinated to not [...]

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Draped in Kelp, Below by 8000 Feet

"Under the brine you won't notice the dark Can stone and steel and horses heels Ever explain the way you feel? From Scapa Flow to Rotherhithe, I felt the lapping of an ebbing tide Oh the heavy water how it enfolds The salt, the spray, the gorgeous undertow Always, always, always the sea Brilliantine mortality." ~ British Sea Power - from the song Carrion :: A solitary stem in a mini kelp forest that invited [...]

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Bull Kelp Metallica

Click for Larger Image  Nereocystis luetkeana I saw these bull kelp stipes or stems on Elliott Bay in Seattle, rolling with the pulses of the tide and buoyed by their bulbs. The slickness of their whips and ribbons reflect the sun and paint them metallic. It's a dying sea forest alchemically transformed through the elements of light. The gas-filled bulbs (carbon monoxide) at the tips of 10, 20 and 30-foot strands keep the canopy afloat [...]

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Thursday on the Beach With Brant

On the surface, Brant Geese -- in this case, Pacific Brant or Black Brant or Branta bernicla -- are a marvel to behold. That's but a superficial observation. There's a lot more to a Brant than her aesthetic, but let's face it, aesthetics form our first impressions. Clustered together like Tribbles, they call out in staccato, a sound sometimes described as "throaty" or "crackling," but which to me is the tuning of an orchestra horn [...]

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