I Wish I Was the Moon

Full moon rising orange over Seattle last night ... the real moon, not Photoshopped into the background. :) ~ click for larger image - ©ingridtaylar ~ I Wish I Was the Moon - Neko Case How will you know if you found me at last 'Cause I'll be the one, be the one, be the one With my heart in my lap I'm so tired, I'm so tired And I wish I was [...]

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Lake Union House + Boats

Photograph: Panasonic TZ5 (point and shoot), 15sec, f3.3, ISO100 On a Seattle night, with stars cloaked in stratocumlus clouds, when the only sight is a wisp of a rowing scull slithering under the University Bridge, the houseboats sit reflected and polished in the waters of Lake Union. I shot this near Eastlake, on Portage Bay, one of several houseboat locations around Seattle. What was once a community of floating homes in the thousands, [...]

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Flying Into a Half Moon

It's thematically appropriate that our move to Seattle -- Jet City -- inspired my first aircraft-on-moon shots. I'd just photographed the Wolf Moon at the Space Needle ... layering two exposures to bring the moon into focus. On the ride into the city, I then noticed that this winter whopper of a moon tracked behind the flight path to SeaTac. I grabbed a few shots of the one plane that crossed over the [...]

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What We Are …

The post title derives from a Flickr friend who wrote this comment below my photo: "A sobering reminder of what we are . . ." I will add that what we are doesn't necessarily foretell what we become. :)   Against a scrim of Northwestern mist, the barge SeaLink Rigger chugs toward a scrap metal yard in the Port of Tacoma. I photographed from Marine View Drive, just past Browns Point, as the vessel headed toward [...]

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Where Old Docks Go to Die

Old docks smell, this much I can tell you. You'll catch a whiff of decomposing mussels and sea greens long before you ever see the old boards stacked, as these particular boards were, in the parking lot of the Berkeley Marina. The Marina is renovating -- replacing the old A-B-C docks with improved versions. And in the process -- much to the chagrin of many locals -- they've ripped out the landscaping and [...]

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Wingtip Vortices

A different type of wing than the one normally featured here. I shot this on a mysteriously dense, dark and humid evening. I haven't yet checked the weather history. I thought it might be residual from Hurricane Jimena, the category-4 hurricane that hit Baja earlier this month. I had to shoot at higher ISOs than my E-520 likes. She can handle any ISO in bright light, for added shutter speed. But in extreme low light, high [...]

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