Postcards from a Freegan Raccoon

If I had a photography motto it might be "follow the crows." As sentries of the canopy, crows know what's going on. So I pay attention. If it mattered at all to crows, they could tell me who shattered my car window last month and who stole our Christmas tree (with decorations) back in 1995. What obviously does interest crows is those pesky interlopers, especially during prime nesting season. Around here, that interloper is most often a Bald Eagle. [...]

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Western Gull + Fishing Line + Rehab

In my previous post, I mentioned a Western Gull I managed to rescue ... by true luck. Here's that story. We were in Los Angeles all of January and part of February, and in the context of a chaotic month, I stole an hour to go strolling on the beach. On my walk over through Redondo Beach, I saw two Black Phoebes (Sayornis nigricans), one who preferred automobile side mirrors as perches. She'd flutter [...]

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Welcome Home, Seattle Ducks!

I spotted my first migratory ducks on the urban shores of Elliott Bay last week. The new arrivals are on edge -- wary and easy to flush. Lifting my lens is enough to send them skittering to the middle of the bay, and I can only imagine what sights and sounds have jarred them into high alert on their long journey home. I think of how far the winter ducks soar, finally dipping into Puget [...]

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Going All Micro Four Thirds on Wildlife

Update - November 1, 2016: I get many emails and comments related to this post -- from people interested in micro four thirds (m43) and mirrorless cameras as a wildlife format. I've been shooting with Olympus m43 gear exclusively now for three years and plan to update my impressions before the end of the year. In the interim, the gear I'm now using is the OMD E-M1, with my original E-M5 as a backup body. I'm [...]

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Taking a Break to Mend a Chip in My Heart …

I've been absent from this space more than I've been here, my heart consumed with care for our four-legged kid. We've been nursing our beloved girl, Jackie, through an acute form of leukemia -- and she lost her battle yesterday, bundled in a fleece, huddled in our arms. Sweet Jacques To say that we are heartsick is likely the greatest understatement I’ll ever make. She was so much a part of our world [...]

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The Hierarchy of Disagreement

I came upon this graphic the other day, illustrating the Hierarchy of Disagreement -- with seven stages of argumentation based on the Paul Graham essay, How to Disagree. Excerpt: If we're all going to be disagreeing more, we should be careful to do it well. What does it mean to disagree well? Most readers can tell the difference between mere name-calling and a carefully reasoned refutation, but I think it would help to put names on the [...]

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Faces of the 18th Weir

They sit suspended at the 18th weir, these scaled faces in the sockeye crowd. It's the window to their water world, the portal from ocean to stream to lake, where their gills remember the taste of fresh after years in the salty sea -- and where they lead -- at least in part -- by magnetic memories of the gravel beds where they were born. They're surging forward across the solstice and into summer ... [...]

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The Wildlife Conservation Stamp of the Future

I'm cross-posting from Larry Jordan's blog, The Birders Report, and from the Wildlife Conservation Stamp website. Both pieces are about a project in which Larry and I and other conservation-minded individuals are involved. Here are links to full posts, with excerpts below: Imagine What a Wildlife Conservation Stamp Could Do! "... figures show that less than 10 percent of all hunters buy the Duck Stamp and that would be the ones required to buy it [...]

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Clever, Corrugated Starlings

I refuse to persecute starlings for the same reason I shoot with Olympus gear: I like to assess things on a case by case basis. With Olympus, I'm in the photographic minority, adopting the four-thirds format in 2008 to the disappointment of friends who pushed hard for either Canon or Nikon. With starlings, I am often an outlier, even among people who share my conservation ethics and love for wildlife. That's because I appreciate starlings [...]

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Sleeping With the Fishes

This isn't the first time I've seen an Osprey napping with a fish in his talons. Last year, while observing the platform way across Seattle's long-abused-but-recovering Duwamish River I watched a male Osprey land on a utility pole, clutching a half-eaten meal. A crow who'd been tailing the Osprey, landed alongside. The Osprey perched, adjusted -- then appeared to doze off. The crow who'd been haranguing him for some leftovers seemed to be in the [...]

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