I saw a huge group of crows scrounging for grubs and snacks in a vacant field near the Seattle waterfront. Since it was raining when I left home, I packed nothing but my rain gear and a point-and-shoot … just in case. I guess I’m hard-headed because I should have learned by now that Seattle weather an hour from now bears no resemblance to the weather in the here and now. And this is why: the Olympic Mountains and radar blocks. In other words, I should have packed my telephoto even though when I left home, the rain was hitting the roof so hard it sounded like David Letterman’s “hail the size of canned hams.”

With my tele, the crow shots this day would have been sublime. This was my one keeper from the post-rain dimness and my tiny sensor. I loved the pose and the spirit of these two, foraging together on the wet turf.

Two American Crows foraging in a field

Foraging or Hatching a Plan? - ©ingridtaylar