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Here’s to a Transformative 2017!

** Wishing peace for all of us humans and nonhumans in 2017 ** I chose the peace sign because of how the artist originally conceived it ... and then transformed it, from a symbol of anguish to one of aspiration. The creator, Gerald Holtom, described it this way: "I was in despair. Deep despair. I drew myself: the representative of an individual in despair, with hands outstretched, outwards and downwards in the manner of [...]

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The White and the Blue [Birds]

First there was Blue. She came to us from the great blue, the wild blue, as blue as Lightin' Slim, singing pigeon blues, not Rooster Blues. She came on banded foot, born of two other Blues who gave our Blue her azul feathers and fuchsia feet ... in a lineage that swept back through the blueness of her grandparents and past the great grandparents before them. They all commanded the skies and taught Blue, [...]

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She’s a Hum Dum Dinger Pigeon

A little Rock Pigeon (Columba livia) courtship play ... photographed on the Seattle waterfront, in the magic hour of a winter evening. Music by Jimmie Davis - in the public domain Photographed with the Olympus OM-D E-M5 + Lumix 100-300mm (micro four thirds) • Edited in iMovie

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The Flying Wallendas … I Mean, Pijendas

I'm a sucker for pigeons. I loved them long before Hugh and I rescued a couple of lost racing pigeons, and I continue to love them long after. People who've never observed pigeons will marvel when they first notice how pigeons out-maneuver Peregrines in harrowing chases. These birds, whose ancestors sprang from the cliffs alongside their evolutionary partners, the falcons, have a lineage that defies their humble reputation. They've been war messengers, like Cher Ami. [...]

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Things I’d Never Seen ….

As little as I've been out in the field with my camera lately (relative to how it used to be), I've had a disproportionate number of firsts in terms of wildlife viewings. Some of it is my change of environment and the newness of Seattle and its wild offspring. And some of it is, well -- I've just never seen these things before. I always say that wildlife photography is like an ongoing field study, [...]

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Pigeon Over Seattle

This pigeon did aerial turns and hovers that rivaled a raptor's. I captured a few frames as she took off from Pike Place Market and hovered for a few seconds against Seattle's skyline. Thanks to SkeletalMess on Flickr for the Creative Commons texture "Tainted" which I used in the above rendering. Related Pigeon Posts: Lancelot-Guinevere: The Case of the Castle Pigeon Changing Our Cultural View of Pigeons [...]

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Lancelot-Guinevere: The Case of the Castle Pigeon

Lancelot (no, Guinevere) -- lost himself (no, herself) -- along the coast of Scotland, where Picts and Druids and Earls and Scots laid claim to the medieval stones of her landing. Just north of these stones lie the crags and cliffs that offer sanctuary for pelagic birds, the calls of whom may have drawn her to seek some good fortune at this spot. Blue band on her leg, humbled by fatigue and flight, she wandered [...]

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Noah the Pigeon

When you work in any facet of animal rescue, you hear stories. Often, the worst stories -- one-act plays with bad endings. You wonder why on earth this storyteller decided you were the person who needed to hear it. I've learned that if an anecdote opens with, "Have I got a raccoon story for you . . . " it won't be pretty. That's why a tale like Noah's was such a welcome [...]

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Pigeon Pilates

Or so I call it . . . also fondly known as Pigeon Tai Chi . . . or simply, the Pigeon Stretch. It's that endearing things birds do -- wild and domestic both -- leg extended under outstretched wing, releasing tension from their hard-working limbs. I always appreciate a wild-bird stretch when I'm out photographing. I'm deluded into believing they don't mind me too much if they engage in a stretch. Below, a few [...]

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Pigeon Masters of Culinary Adaptation

Refined carbs aren't any better for pigeons than they are for us. But urban birds, used to groveling for handouts, will take what they can get. This mottled pigeon person stumbled upon a bounty in Mission Bay. We could hear a gang of gulls on the approach so the pigeon was in his own Amazing Race to stuff this broken baguette into his crop. I'm not sure about the plumage variation on this pigeon -- [...]

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Learning From a Racing Pigeon

I think the pigeon people are trying to tell me something. Late last year, I took a rambunctious fledgling pigeon to a nearby hospital. In April, I drove two [very] baby pigeons to the same hospital. I'm always snapping pigeon photos even when other photographers sweep their lenses right over the pigeon landscape. Rock Pigeons at the Bay Bridge - ©ingridtaylar So, it shouldn't have surprised me when Chauncey came along. She's a [...]

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Who Says You Never See Baby Pigeons?

Pigeons are meticulous, doting parents . . . which is why you probably won't see many baby pigeons in the wild . . . if at all. Pigeons produce small broods (usually two babies) and tuck them in nests high on ledges -- homes which resemble their ancestors' cliff dwellings. The pigeon parents feed their brood a nutritious mixture known as "crop milk" or "pigeon milk," so named so because it's secreted from the parent's [...]

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