Hamilton Wetlands Signs

As we strolled the path at Hamilton Wetlands in Novato, we came upon a “wake” of Turkey Vultures. They were scrambling around rooftops, angling for scraps from a Red-tailed Hawk who was eating a meal. The meal looked to be a poor, deceased Coot.

A few of the vultures scooted away from the mob, toward the water. They were perfectly framed, with the sun brightening their scarlet visage.

Hamilton Wetlands Trail
Turkey Vulture in Flight
Wake of Turkey Vultures at Hamilton Wetlands

The rest collected and crushed along the chimney, vying for scraps from the Red-tailed Hawk’s meal. This magnificent tableau was silhouetted and backlit, with no way to get another photo angle. It was the most imperfect placement of a perfect scene.

Past the vultures, the grassland trail opened into a pond rich with birds that included Black-necked Stilts and Northern Shovelers.

Beyond that, we watched a flock of feral pigeons swarm the plain where dried husks rendered a huge meal of seeds.

Feral Pigeons Eating Seeds

Our last bird of the day at was a Brewer’s Blackbird, among some Red-wingeds, one of many, calling into the void of the parking lot.

Brewer’s Blackbird at Hamilton Wetlands