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Beautiful Things in Humble Places

"Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing." ~ Camille Pissarro. I can't see the world the way Pissarro did, let alone paint it. My own mother creates watercolors like Georgia O'Keefe's, but I can't draw a stick figure in proper perspective. In other words, were it not for the camera, I'd have no way of executing my visual intent. Through the lens, nothing seems impossible, the mundane [...]

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Wildlife Photography on a Budget

Here's a great way to make a photographer happy: After viewing her photos, say something like "wow, you must have really great gear." Everyone knows photography is not about the gear. Right? Well, it isn't . . . but sometimes it is. Artistic vision is definitely not about the gear. And you'll rankle a lot of artistic people if you say it is. I know a few people who are stocked to the gills with [...]

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The Expanding Universe of Creative Commons

The biggest bennie of attaching a Creative Commons license to your work is the unanticipated adaptation of that work in a share-alike universe. What? That is to say, I love the chain reaction that ensues from a single act of licensing -- seeing the places your work travels, usually with proper attribution and adherence to the license. One of the reasons I post some of my images under a Creative Commons license (Flickr) is to [...]

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This might be what I love most about my camera: it makes something interesting out of the most banal objects. Here's where I started . . . with a lonely and neglected patio table getting pummeled by hail. Finding the Angle That's obviously a mundane shot. Just like any written piece, a photo should tell a story or have an angle on the subject. When I was first honing my craft, I bought [...]

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