If I could find more faces in food, this would be a regular series. For now, I’ll include it in my Studies in Vagueness/Everyday Translucence set.

My macro lens takes me to my midnight lab, concocting weird scenarios that sometimes become “a thing.” Here’s one of those things. I sliced a grape into thin pieces and laid them on a light table. When I shot them in macro mode, these faces emerged. I’m convinced the solo piece is Bacchus, God of Wine. They are grapes, after all. I posted the same shot on my Facebook page and the other consensus was “Benji.” You decide who’s speaking to you from the grape. But please observe our no-pilgrimage policy here.

Faces in a Grape

Faces in Food (Grape) - ©ingridtaylar

Face in a Grape

Faces in Food (Grape) - ©ingridtaylar

The Photos: Shot with my Panasonic FZ50 (superzoom) and Raynox DCR-250 macro lens. Handheld, no tripod. Using an art-store, portable light table covered with plastic wrap. I sliced the grape with a super-sharp knife, super-thin for translucence. One grape was harmed (and eaten) in this process.