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The Hook-and-Plastic Club for Birds

Edited on 6/12/12 to add a few links and resources. This was my last shot of the night. Under a California sky, I saw my favorite silhouettes on approach ... those pterodactyl forms, Brown Pelicans, gliding past the fallen sun. Knowing I would get just the barest outline of a pelican, I raised my lens anyway, finding it impossible not to photograph these big birds I miss so much up here in the Northwest. As [...]

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Redondo Pelicans

On a last-minute work detour through Los Angeles (en route to the Northwest), I caught my favorite group of Redondo Beach pelicans waiting for fish scraps to drain into the harbor.

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Miss Them Already: California Pelicans

We're packing up for a move to the Northwest. It will be a year-plus endeavor -- a relocation based on pragmatic considerations. I've been a Californian for the better part of 20 years, so the best way to embrace a transition across state lines is to see my future there as a photographic adventure. That part is undeniably alluring. Orcas come to mind. In the meantime, as I'm busy packing boxes, injuring and hobbling my [...]

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Creative Commons and the Ripple Effect

The Creative Commons license is sometimes a contentious designation in the world of art and creation. The type of Creative Commons license applied to a work further complicates the issue of copyright, fair use and commercial exploitation. For various reasons, I've retained the Attribution license on most of my Flickr photos . . . despite occasional impulses to batch change and render all images non commercial -- or tack on a share-alike provision to engender [...]

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Up On the Roof

Hugh and I traded lenses for this casual shoot several months ago. He took the E-520 and the 70-300, and I went wide with the 14-54mm on the E-3. I thought I'd capture scenery against a mackerel sky. I wasn't expecting to get this perspective on pelicans. In fact, I admit handing over the 70-300 with trepidation, knowing we'd probably see Brown Pelicans congregating on the docks as fishing boats coasted into the magic hour [...]

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Sunday in the Park With Pelicans

Always my favorite SF Bay residents . . . photographed from Tiburon this afternoon. Related posts on pelicans: Miss Them Already: California Pelicans | Pelicanorama | The Flight of the Pelican | Mixed Use, Pelican Style | Up on the Roof

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Black and White

I almost expected Man-Thing to come crawling out of the mud this morning. The humidity evoked spirits of the bayou: moss, mosquitos, mint juleps. The only time California resembles a swamp is in the wake of a tropical storm, the same wake which pummeled us with record rains a few days ago. We did about four-miles on the Marsh Loop at Palo Alto Baylands, starting at Charleston Slough -- which, at low tide, [...]

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The Flight of the Pelican

A title inspired by a recent viewing of Jimmy Stewart and The Flight of the Phoenix . . . a photographic tribute inspired by one of my favorite birds: the Brown Pelican. Brown Pelican on Takeoff - ©ingridtaylar California Brown Pelican Recovery The Brown Pelican is not quite a Phoenix, raising itself from metaphorical ashes. But it has mythological parallels in the Bay Area, having recovered and arisen from near destruction more than [...]

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