I almost expected Man-Thing to come crawling out of the mud this morning. The humidity evoked spirits of the bayou: moss, mosquitos, mint juleps. The only time California resembles a swamp is in the wake of a tropical storm, the same wake which pummeled us with record rains a few days ago.

Dawn at the Slough

Charleston Slough at Palo Alto Baylands – ©ingridtaylar

We did about four-miles on the Marsh Loop at Palo Alto Baylands, starting at Charleston Slough — which, at low tide, is one huge mud flat. The light was dull, rendering some scenes monochromatic. Hence, the inspiration for this post. Black-and-white, in the various forms we encountered it this morning.

Meals in the Mud

Meals in the Mud – ©ingridtaylar


American Avocets in Tandem – ©ingridtaylar

Across the Universe

Pelicans Across the Universe – ©ingridtaylar

Baylands Morning

Power at the Mud Flats – ©ingridtaylar


Avocets and Silhouettes – ©ingridtaylar

Milk Snail Habitat - ©ingridtaylar

Milk Snail Habitat – ©ingridtaylar

White (and Black) Crowned Sparrow - ©ingridtaylar

White (and Black) Crowned Sparrow – ©ingridtaylar