Refracted Light, Arcs and Rainbows – Over SF

:Refracted Light, Arcs and Rainbows – Over SF

Refracted Light, Arcs and Rainbows – Over SF

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I’m not a big fan of Descartes. In spite of his genius and complexity, he held callously mechanistic views toward nature and non-human animals. And women, too, depending on his mood.


Shared by Herikvioleta at Deviant Art

But I’ll give him some love for this explanation of rainbows I recently read at the UCAR website. He simplified the study of a rainbow to one rain droplet — and how light refracts through that droplet. Through this explanation one can see a viable model for how, when and why those ribbons of color emerge over hills, skylines, the San Francisco Bay Bridge — and, of course, pots of gold.

These images include some rainbows and just some sunset shots captured at Pier 14 yesterday. The colors look unrealistic but I didn’t tweak them in Photoshop. There are some variations due to my spot metering. But for the most part, Gaia did the work. The evening sky transformed from grays to greens — from golds to reds — and finally into twilight blues. I shot these with two cameras, my Olympus E-520 and a little point-and-shoot Panasonic Lumix (my FX500).

I posted this photo below at my Flickr site. Another Flickr user commented that he was on board the vessel in this image (the Sunset Hornblower) for a wedding party last night. I love Flickr.

Sunset Hornblower and Rainbow

Sunset Hornblower Under a Rainbow – ©ingridtaylar

If you look to the left of the brigher rainbow segment, you’ll see a second, more faint spectrum of the double rainbow.

Double Rainbow on San Francisco Bay

Traces of a Double Rainbow – ©ingridtaylar

Sunset Sky San Francisco

Burning Sky Over SF – ©ingridtaylar

Pier 14 at Twilight Dusk

Twilight Blues on Pier 14 – ©ingridtaylar

Pier 14 at Twilight Dusk

Twilight Blues on Pier 14 – ©ingridtaylar

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