Stick People, the Series.

Hugh and I have been photographing these stick figures for as long as stick figures have been boarding the London Tube with no feet . . . or meeting unspeakable ends in high-voltage utility boxes.

Imagine my delight when I learned there was a Flickr group called Stick Figures in Peril — with a corresponding group known as Stick Figures Who Have the Situation Under Control.

As you might have figured, Situation Under Control is a photo pool of stick figures doing things like pumping gas without setting themselves on fire . . . or crossing the road successfully on their footless stumps. I don’t have a catalog of stick figures who aren’t in trouble. This Flickr group is forcing me to reassess my oeuvre.

In the meantime, here’s my latest stick figure, meeting his demise in the maw of a John Deere.

stick figure in danger

Stick Figure Squeeze