:: They’re tendrils of light, wicked with amperes, coulombs and megajoules
:: A vision in voltage that sparked my night and then my morning,
:: Cracking the sky into pieces until it murmured, then crumbled into a cup of reverie.

I was awake for this 2am electrical storm over Seattle … one that didn’t stir a soul for its bare whisper of thunder. For more than an hour, these forks of lightning bolted across the sky, and I figured if I left my shutter open long enough, I’d capture one or two. I shot these images through my [not so clean] living room window, with my camera propped up on the window sill. Stats: 12mm (m.zuiko 12-50mm), ISO200, 15sec, f8. Triptych created in Photoshop.


I’ll leave you with this Lightning Safety Sheet (pdf) from the National Weather Service site. My favorite quote from it:

“Lightning laughs at two inches of rubber!”

Click for larger image.

Seattle Lightning Triptych