Low Tide on the Oregon Coast – Lincoln City

These photos were taken early in the morning, with care not to trample, harm, or disturb the marine organisms exposed at low tide. Some animals are difficult to see, covered by sand or camouflaged as part of the rocky landscape. For me, the best practice is to stay on the periphery of rocks and tide pools, making sure my footfall is in sand, avoiding substrates that could be holding and shielding small animals. I don’t move or pick up animals, all animals and plants are photographed as is, where they were when I encountered them.

Orange Sea Star on Oregon Coast

Careful where you tread

Green Anemone on Oregon Coast

Green Anemones

Green Anemones on Oregon Coast

Aggregating Anemones

Aggregating Anemones on Oregon Coast

Black Turnstone Foraging at Low Tide

Black Turnstone Foraging on Oregon Coast

Surfbirds on the Oregon Coast

Surfbird Foraging on Oregon Coast
Surfbird Preening on Oregon Coast
Seaweed on Oregon Coast

Ochre Sea Star in Oregon

Ochre Sea Star at Low Tide in Oregon

Barnacle Marks … I think …

Barnacle Marks at Low Tide
Low Tide on Oregon Coast

Gull Prints

Gull Tracks in the Sand