I’ll never forget the first time I drove the Golden Gate Bridge as the advection fog rolled in. You leave San Francisco under a sapphire sky only to be engulfed by a swirling cloud halfway across the gate. It’s a classic San Francisco experience, one I’ll never forget, as many times as I’m perched over, under or on the bridge as the fog overtakes.

This shot was a bear to expose correctly, so I did a bit of post-processing to bring levels up on the fennel blooms in front. We were on our way back from a hike in the Marin Headlands when the hills became a lesson in smothered light and texture. I like the shot simply because it shows what it’s like to stand on that bluff when the fog soup pours over the cliffs.

Marin Headlands in the Fog

Headlands in the Fog - ©ingridtaylar