My friend Britta turned me on to this PBS Nature special: A Murder of Crows. It’s a fascinating and touching look at crow intelligence. It’s also heartbreaking in spots, as it covers the crows’ adaptation to us and our antagonism toward them.

Crows share some of our traits — traits which allow them to adapt to the same environments in which we thrive. But their cleverness also makes them much maligned among those who see these qualities as loathsome and intrusive. We, as a species, often unfairly discriminate against animals who exhibit the same behaviors and elements of intelligence that we do.

If you watch the vid, read through the comments section at the PBS page, too. People point out other studies, research and knowledge on birds that preceded this particular documentary.

I can’t embed the video here, but you can link out to: A Murder of Crows

Murder of Crows on PBS

A Murder of Crows in a Neighborhood Tree - ©ingridtaylar