Hugh and I nicknamed this Harbor Seal pup “Droplet,” after seeing the little pup stretched out and tapered like a dew drop on a rock. He or she was so small, we contacted the local marine mammal organization to make sure this little one was not in distress. We were told this pup was big enough to be recently weaned, but to observe and let them know if we saw it in distress or harassed by the much larger sea lion neighbors.

Harbor Seal Pup and Sea Lion

We observed for a while and short of an accidental slap by the sea lion’s flipper, the pup seemed rested and content. We came back an hour or so later to check on the baby, and by this time, the tide had risen, nudging the pup off the comfortable haul-out rock.

As the water enveloped his perch, he dipped into the bay and swam like the seal he was born to be: swift, agile, seeming to know where he was going. We hoped he would be okay. He seemed to be.

A lovely volunteer monitor and rescuer came by and we shared Droplet’s story. She mentioned a Harbor Seal haul-out point not far from where this little one ventured on his own. For a skilled swimmer, it would have been a short sprint back to home, if that’s where he started.

Swim safely, little Droplet! Wishing you a good, long, healthy life with your mates.