Fly On Sweet Angel

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Fly On Sweet Angel

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Gull in Flight

Angel - ©ingridtaylar

Angel came down from heaven yesterday
She stayed with me just long enough to rescue me
And she told me a story yesterday,
About the sweet love between the moon and the deep blue sea;
And then she spread her wings high over me,
She said she’s gonna come back tomorrow.

And I said fly on my sweet angel,
Fly on through the sky,
Fly on my sweet angel,
Tomorrow I’m gonna be by your side;

Sure enough this morning came on to me,
Silver wings silhouetted against the child’s sunrise;
And my angel she said unto me,
Today is the day for you to rise;
Take my hand, you’re gonna be my man,
You’re gonna rise,
And she took me high over yonder

And I said fly on my sweet angel,
Fly on through the sky,
Fly on my sweet angel,
Forever I will be by your side.

~ Performed by Jimi Hendrix
Songwriters: Jill Cunniff, Gabrielle Glaser, Katherine Schellenbach

Audio of Angel:


  1. Larry Jordan November 30, 2011 at 9:59 pm - Reply

    Beautiful in-flight shot of the gull Ingrid. Heavenly! And thanks for bringing back to my memory one of the best musicians of our time, Jimi Hendrix. I was lucky enough to see him live at the Hollywood Bowl 🙂

  2. ingrid December 1, 2011 at 9:42 pm - Reply

    Larry, thanks very much for the kind comment. You have a priceless, enviable experience — not just Jimi Hendrix, but Hendrix at the Bowl — one of my all-time favorite venues and a classic by all measures. We recently moved to Seattle for a time and I’ve been meaning to go pay my respects at Greenwood.

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