The Family Procyon Lotor

[These images were shot in under-exposed conditions and required more post-processing than usual. I took some artistic liberty with selective desaturation to deemphasize the contrasts, etc.] Just a few days into my Seattle relocation, the friends who generously housed us, pointed to some ruckus in a tree. Since ruckus in a tree often signals animal activity, I grabbed my camera and crept into the shade of a Northwest canopy. Overhead I saw this ... a family of four North American [...]

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Our Wolves, Our Humanity

I decided, when I started this blog, that I would limit the content to things I'd personally photographed or experienced. For the most part, I do that, digressing only occasionally. I made that choice because on any given day, I read about, hear about, or other wise encounter wildlife issues that either trouble me or inspire me, but that could also fill this blog space a thousand times over. I'm one solo traveler with my [...]

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Having a Heart for Horses

In commemoration of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday: "Never, never be afraid to do what’s right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way. " ~ Martin Luther King, Jr. I've posted only once about horse issues in this blog -- citing an article in the New York Times [...]

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The Wild Horses of Vegas

You see signs of wild horses before you ever see horses ... The Sign of the Horse - ©ingridtaylar And, along the way, these signs ... Horse Crossing - ©ingridtaylar From the point where I turned off the highway north of Las Vegas and headed west into wild horse country, I drifted under the speed limit in anticipation -- watching for horses on the two-lane road that stretched straight to the [...]

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Not the Easter Bunny

Those ears serve this Black-tailed Jackrabbit well. A jack will usually hear you coming long before you see him. And he can regulate blood flow in these ears to adjust for external temperatures. The Black-tailed Jackrabbit (Lepus californicus) -- any jackrabbit -- is actually a hare, not a rabbit. This particular jackrabbit wasn't keen on my presence. What appears as "calm" is anything but. It's a defense mechanism. So, although I could have [...]

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Squirrel Girl & The Cherry Blossoms

Squirrels don't win popularity contests with gardeners and bird feeders. Tree squirrels, agile and clever, have been known to outsmart even the toughest mazes designed to thwart them. In fact, if you never saw the 1990s British documentary Daylight Robbery, check out the video clip at the end of this post. From there you can link to other segments of the show. The gist of it is . . . grey squirrels in the UK [...]

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Deer in the Tombstones

Hugh and I were doing our initial survey of an old pioneer cemetery in the East Bay, when we saw these unexpected travelers in the haze. I grabbed a few frames as a doe and her two fawns ditched around the tombstones. Autumn is deer hunting season. I've heard some deer hunters say they'll shoot a doe who presents with fawns . . . believing the fawns to be self-sufficient at this point. The truth [...]

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When to “Rescue” Baby Cottontails

It's the end of nesting season for many animals, but cottontails breed year-round. Cottontail babies are often rescued mistakenly. It's important to assess the situation before you take the babies anywhere. Cottontail mothers leave their offspring for most of the day, feeding them only in the morning and at night. Like fawns and fledgling birds, the babies have not been abandoned in these cases.

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