When I photographed this Common Raven, wind surfing off Ocean Beach in San Francisco, I didn’t realize that new life would continually germinate from this one photo … through my Creative Commons license and into the public domain by way of sketches, artwork composites and collages.

I’m always delighted when an image I’ve licensed under CC finds artistic reinterpretation. It’s one of the reasons I apply a Creative Commons license on some of my Flickr images — something I’ve posted about previously in the blog: Here, when AJ Tudury sketched my raven in flight; here where artist Dan Kent painted my pelican image to benefit wildlife rescue in the Gulf oil spill; and here when I made the acquaintance of an amphipodologist because of some California Beach Hopper images I’d licensed under CC.

A few weeks ago, I noticed a lot of activity on my raven photo again. I suppose it’s not surprising, given the season, that Ocean Beach raven is now featured in a series of Halloween composites, done by various Flickr users. I’ve put together a gallery of raven’s trickle-down artistic effect.


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