Please Observe Strict Ethics with Sea Otters

If you come across California sea otters and are lucky enough to watch or photograph them, please observe the most stringent cautions about not disturbing them. Human disruption causes significant problems for sea otters. Take the time to read these guidelines from a great organization — about respecting the space and needs of sea otters: Be Sea Otter Savvy + #RespectTheNap

Photos of Southern Sea Otters – Ethics Guidelines

Southern sea otter  photos from the California coast on Monterey Bay and Morro Bay.

These photos were taken from a respectful distance, with telephoto lens (600-800mm equivalent). I shoot primarily from the shore, from docks, or piers. In the images here, sea otters were engaging their normal behavior (feeding, swimming, tending to pups), not noticeably disturbed by human presence or activity on the shore.

For additional sea otter images photographed using ethical guidelines, check out Jeff and Wendy Photography, whose work is certified through Sea Otter Savvy.

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Sea Otter Videos

A sea otter mother sharing a crab with her pup

[Moss Landing, California]

A sea otter napping with low-intensity grooming

[Monterey, California]

Southern sea otter grooming

[Moss Landing, California]

A sea otter eating a Kellet’s whelk (Kelletia)

[Monterey, California]

Sea otter pup calling to mom as she forages

[Monterey, California]

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