Osprey on Cell Phone Tower in Seattle

Osprey & Cell Tower - ©ingridtaylar

This Osprey doesn’t have to worry about mobile phone dead zones at home — nesting, as he is, at the top of a cell tower. Osprey love the tall platforms of human invention, but the settings can take their toll, too — in the form of power outages, or even electrical harm to the birds.

Dead trees are a favorite nesting spot for Osprey. With suitable trees and habitat in increasingly short supply, however, the resourceful Osprey have adapted to alternative structures. In some areas, companies, ports and other service providers have erected nesting platforms to lure Osprey away from technological equipment.

I shot these pics near Seattle, where a couple of returning Osprey are setting up house in the same spot where they nested last year. Winter storms destroyed their 2010 nest, but they’ve rebuilt with fresh supplies . . . in their room with a view . . . of the freeway.

Osprey Female in Burien Seattle

The Osprey Female (I believe) - ©ingridtaylar