I was surprised to see this Mercedes SUV navigating over sensitive tidelands habitat in the Des Moines area of Washington. I looked it up and found that it is, in fact, legal for residents of this area.

As a transplanted Californian, I was told a few times to stay off the tidelands, low or high tide, didn’t matter. I was new¬†to tidal law in Puget Sound, and I didn’t realize that property to the low tide line wasn’t public. In another area, not too far from where this particular photo was taken, I was told by a property owner that they limited beach access for the integrity of sea life in the low tide zone — which, by the way, I fully support and abide by.

I could be wrong, but it seems a Mercedes SUV crushes a few more mussels and crabs than my rubber-souled moccasins would. Your thoughts?

Driving on Des Moines Beach Low Tide

Low Tide in Des Moines, Washington Р©ingridtaylar