Reclamation, as I’ve said before is one of my favorite themes. But, alongside “nature reclaimed” is the joy of finding color, texture and balance in unlikely subjects. We were walking by a stripped down public board in Berkeley and noticed some hues and shapes just begging for a shot. Of the lot I took, this was my favorite. It implied, to me, a sense of history, in both the faded archival photo and the rusted staples. There’s also the frenetic renewal, the desperation of the new staples to make life where life has since passed.

Torn flyers on bulletin board

Textures of a Leaflet - ©ingridtaylar

The Photo: Shot with my trusty old Panasonic FZ50, one of the original super-zoom cameras. In good light and with proximity to subjects, the FZ50 performs like a star. I’m particularly fond of the FZ50 + Raynox 150 (or 250) snap-on macro lenses. Most of my spring macro images last year were shot with that combination. The Raynox makes it easy to switch a camera like the FZ50 into super-closeup mode. I can carry the small lens in my pocket for easy retrieval.