American Crow


Steve Borichevsky’s blog, Shooting My Universe, is one I’ve been following for a time. It’s one photographer’s view of Cape Ann, Massachusetts (and beyond). His latest post inspired today’s cross-link: The Crow.

The Crow is at once simpler and more complex than it sounds. It’s not about the anatomy of the American Crow, the conservation status of the Crow, the behavior of the Crow . . . actually, I take that back. It is, in fact, about the behavior of the crow. But it’s behavior as viewed through the lens of Steve — who showcases Crow as mimic and impersonator. Check out his latest post for Crow’s schtick at [avian] amateur night.

When someone is visited by Crow, or experiences Crow “medicine” in Native American tradition, it’s a call to be more versatile in life. Crows and Ravens are shape-shifters which means Steve’s post perfectly illustrates American Crow as well as Native American Crow.