In a previous post, I mentioned Trish Carney’s Wild Lives blog — where I can enjoy life with bobcats, vicariously. My own photographic encounters with bobcats tend to be peripheral . . . as in, there’s a bobcat . . . and he’s posed perfectly out of range, thank you. I don’t make it to Mt. Tam and Tennessee Valley often enough to increase my bobcat-hike ratio by too much. So, through Trish, I can keep up on the secret (and not-so-secret) meanderings of these cats.

I just came upon another blog that intersects those same areas: Tennessee Valley and bobcats. John Wall’s Natural California features bobcats . . . but also coyotes . . . and Turkey Tail fungi . . . and tree frogs. His is a lovely, ongoing photo essay extolling the preciousness that is our California. It continues to delight me that so many of us can be criss-crossing similar turf — and yet can refract the light of this shared world through our individual prisms.