Today seems like an Itten’s Contrasts kind of day, with rainbows reflected in puddles as the sun dances in and out of Seattle downpour. I started an Itten’s Contrast series on the eve of 2010 — finishing just eight of my twelve promised posts. I’m tallying up the final four today, two years later, with a link back to the two posts that inspired the original project: It’s Not Imbalanced — It’s Itten and The 12 Days of Itten’s Contrasts.

The gist of the exercise is to pair two photographs, each containing an element that contrasts with the other. In the third photograph, you include both contrasting elements in one photograph. The key is to expand beyond the literal and into the metaphorical, imaginative and sensory aspects of the characteristic in question.

Liquid / Solid


Ocean Waves


Ship Door

Liquid & Solid:

Soup and Toast

Still / Moving


Deer in Tall Grass


Blur of Car Hood Ornament

Still & Moving:

Statues and Trees

Loud / Soft


Fireworks Over San Francisco


Moss on Trees

Loud & Soft:

Blue Socks on UC Berkeley Campus

Opaque / Transparent


Coiled Boom in Elliott Bay


Okay … translucent.

Translucent Cucumber Slices

Opaque & Transparent:

Broken Window on Trailer