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Showdown at the Osprey Cell Tower

Three's a crowd ... even in the Osprey world. I'll get back to that thought in a minute. There are two Osprey nesting platforms within three miles of our place, plus several others within ten miles. Last week, all of the Osprey returned to my local spots within the span of a few days. I marvel at the synchronicity of this migration. A friend and I checked the various sites and found at least one [...]

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Cool & Totipalmate

It begins with a twig in the bill and the throaty croak of the swamp. They're creatures of the marshes, the Great Blues, now on ascent to a season in the trees where nests incubate eggs, and where clumsy young legs will soon dawdle on branches until they get their wings. They call this place the satellite colony, since the rest of the rookery is tucked in a ravine so lush it might as well [...]

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Home is Where the Cell Tower Is

Sequestered indoors for the rain, I've been sorting through my photo archives, hoping to cull my duds, once and for all. I came upon my gallery of Osprey shots ... taken this summer as I checked in occasionally with a local nesting couple. These two never did not appear to produce any young, but there were long spans when I didn't visit, so it's possible. I hope to see them together again next year as [...]

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And Osprey Makes Two

So far, that's all I've seen at this nesting site . . . two diligent Osprey, bringing each other fish and taking turns sitting. The structure of the cell phone tower obscures the interior of the nest, so I see only what happens on the rafters outside. To date, it's been just a male and female Osprey with no visuals of eggs or young. They have their favorite dining area, on a girder to the [...]

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Cleaning House

Much-maligned but still loved by me, a European Starling makes the drop: grubs for breakfast, in the door; baby droppings out the door. The parent carries the nestlings' waste out through the portal, drops it in the shrubs nearby, then forages again in the grass for the babies' next meal of insects. Because Starlings, en masse, can clean out crops and cherry trees, people mistakenly think that a flock of Starlings on the lawn necessarily [...]

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No Dropped Calls

This Osprey doesn't have to worry about mobile phone dead zones at home -- nesting, as he is, at the top of a cell tower. Osprey love the tall platforms of human invention, but the settings can take their toll, too -- in the form of power outages, or even electrical harm to the birds. Dead trees are a favorite nesting spot for Osprey. With suitable trees and habitat in increasingly short supply, [...]

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The Swallows [400 Miles North] of Capistrano

Quick note: With all of these photos, I kept my distance with an effective 600mm zoom. I'm careful not to disturb birds during nesting season. And, it's also against the law to disturb wild bird nests or eggs. These are the famous Swallows of San Juan Capistrano. Well, not these birds in particular. This species, the Cliff Swallow. The swallows pictured here were about 400 miles north and west of Capistrano. I find [...]

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