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A Return to Itten: Days 9 to 12

Today seems like an Itten's Contrasts kind of day, with rainbows reflected in puddles as the sun dances in and out of Seattle downpour. I started an Itten's Contrast series on the eve of 2010 -- finishing just eight of my twelve promised posts. I'm tallying up the final four today, two years later, with a link back to the two posts that inspired the original project: It's Not Imbalanced -- It's Itten and The [...]

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The 12 Days of Itten’s Contrasts – Day 1 (The List)

It's an age-old exercise but I've never completed it . . . so, I thought I'd take the holidays to work my way through the list of Itten's Contrasts, inspired by Michael Freeman and his book The Photographer's Eye. (I wrote a bit more about Itten's Contrasts here.) Itten's Contrasts Here's the list of Itten's Contrasts if you want to explore this exercise yourself. You find or take three photographs -- one representing each element [...]

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It’s Not Imbalanced . . . It’s Itten

Itten's Contrasts - An Old Bauhaus Trick I came upon the concept of Itten's Contrasts in a photography book by Michael Freeman, The Photographer's Eye (great book, by the way). Johannes Itten was a Bauhaus instructor who identified contrasts as the main element of composition. If you've studied arts or graphics you're no doubt familiar with this idea. Itten taught students to identify contrasting elements: long/short, high/low, black/white, much/little (and so on). It also helps [...]

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