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:Wildlife Rescue

The “Three U” Rule of Hazardous Materials

Hugh and I just got our initial Hazwoper certification -- a Federal OSHA requirement if we want to assist with bird rescue in oil spill areas. That, combined with a wildlife rescue training course we took back in March, will at least put us on the call list during catastrophic wildlife events. During the Cosco Busan spill in November 2008, our participation was limited to non-exclusion areas. I volunteered with a survey team to [...]

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Who Says You Never See Baby Pigeons?

Pigeons are meticulous, doting parents . . . which is why you probably won't see many baby pigeons in the wild . . . if at all. Pigeons produce small broods (usually two babies) and tuck them in nests high on ledges -- homes which resemble their ancestors' cliff dwellings. The pigeon parents feed their brood a nutritious mixture known as "crop milk" or "pigeon milk," so named so because it's secreted from the parent's [...]

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