I Wish I Was the Moon

Full moon rising orange over Seattle last night ... the real moon, not Photoshopped into the background. :) ~ click for larger image - ©ingridtaylar ~ I Wish I Was the Moon - Neko Case How will you know if you found me at last 'Cause I'll be the one, be the one, be the one With my heart in my lap I'm so tired, I'm so tired And I wish I was [...]

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Flying Into a Half Moon

It's thematically appropriate that our move to Seattle -- Jet City -- inspired my first aircraft-on-moon shots. I'd just photographed the Wolf Moon at the Space Needle ... layering two exposures to bring the moon into focus. On the ride into the city, I then noticed that this winter whopper of a moon tracked behind the flight path to SeaTac. I grabbed a few shots of the one plane that crossed over the [...]

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Say It’s Only a Cormorant Moon …

... sailing over a cardboard sea. The sun came out and I raced down to the locks where, just a few days before, I'd seen the most perfect light on alighting herons. There's a rookery that spans a ravine, the northern terminus of which is at the Ballard Locks. Several Great Blue Heron couples (Ardea herodias) took up residence there last month, as they do each year ... above the roar of the spillway, the [...]

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Moonrise in Seattle

Moonrise by D.H. Lawrence And who has seen the moon, who has not seen Her rise from out the chamber of the deep, Flushed and grand and naked, as from the chamber Of finished bridegroom, seen her rise and throw Confession of delight upon the wave, Littering the waves with her own superscription Of bliss, till all her lambent beauty shakes toward us Spread out and known at last, and we are sure [...]

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Waiting Up for the Wolf Moon

The ideal time to photograph a Wolf Moon is at moonrise, along the horizon, when the illusion of size will be greatest. At moonrise yesterday, we were socked in with drizzle, clouds and brume. Even though I missed the classic horizon shot, I still wanted a glimpse and capture of this Wolf -- a near-full moon at perigee, perigee being the moon's closest point to the earth. These images are precisely what I saw, as [...]

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