Clapper Rail Reflected at Sunrise

Arrowhead Marsh – Oakland, California

The show Bird Note just posted an audio piece on California Clapper Rails in San Francisco Bay.  Bird Note covers an eclectic array of bird stories, from behavioral questions to ecological issues. The stories are short audio bits with related blog posts and resources to flesh out the subject matter.

As an adjunct to the Clapper Rail story, Bird Note asked if I would revisit my observations of a Clapper Rail tagging operation at Arrowhead Marsh in Oakland — a study I photographed in 2009.  The marsh was close to our home in the Bay Area, and a quick hop from Oakland Airport. The proximity gave me a ready excuse to stop by with my camera whenever I shuttled Hugh to his flights.

In the process of revising my notes, I learned a few things about the latest developments at the Arrowhead. I haven’t had a chance to photograph at Arrowhead since late 2010, when we moved up to Seattle. So, the news of marsh enhancements and new Clapper Rail islands was bird song to my ear. I tagged the piece with a note about that.

You can hear the audio piece here:  California Clapper Rails on San Francisco Bay. My photo essay on rail tagging is here: California Clapper Rail Study by the USGS