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Dine Like an Eagle

We came upon this scene on a Seattle area beach . . . a small stretch of private community beach where we have a pass. Planted on the pebbles, way far away, too far for my 70-300mm lens, we watched as this Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) wrangled with a second eagle, a group of crows, and a vortex of gulls overhead, all looking for a freebie from the eagle's fish. The bird intruders annoyed the [...]

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A Merlin’s Dragonfly Day

I expected duck photos and got a Merlin. This female used her perch to survey the mass of dragonflies below. She regularly dove then reappeared on this tree with a dragonfly in talon. The Merlin Falcon Foundation has information on Merlins of Western Washington and British Columbia, including Merlin behavioral insights and audio of their vocalizations.

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Through the Lens of Glenn Nevill

A photograph's true essence is visceral: How does it make you feel? What does the image inspire? It's an impression that defies pixel peeping -- where the mood and meaning of a photo can be crushed in a haze of digital noise, scrutinized at 100 percent.

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