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Wall of Pez

** Photo usage and restrictions It's not a Phil Spector creation (Wall of Sound) -- but the Wall of Pez is the product of 15 years of collecting. ©ingrid The proprietor at the Burlingame Pez Museum, a collector himself, loves him some Pez. And he'll make you love Pez with stories about the rarest Pez Dispenser of all, the Super Spiel . . . ©ingrid It was manufactured with small, Mr-Potato-Head-style fixtures, but taken swiftly [...]

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Bird and Windmill Collisions at Altamont

One of the tragic patients we get at the wildlife hospital where I volunteer is raptors such as hawks, who've suffered an encounter with a windmill. Unlike Quixote's imaginary foes, the windmills through Altamont Pass present a viable lethal threat to wildlife of the area. In fact, Altamont Pass has the highest bird kill rate at any windmill site in the world, owing to the poor planning of building it directly on a [...]

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