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More Alameda Terns: Caspian, Forster’s, Least Terns

Take a look at this image of terns — not because it’s anything spectacular. In fact, those terns were but specks on my visual horizon, so this is a dramatic crop to show just one thing: the size differential between the Caspian Terns and the Forster’s Terns I wrote about in a previous post. Caspian and Forster’s Terns – ©ingrid The large birds with their black caps and [...]

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There is a Season … Terns (Alameda Terns)

Lame Byrds pun aside . . .  Tern Nation in Alameda Their gravelly call precedes them, these terns with their fuzzy black berets and orange feet. They sound like aerial barflys with too much whiskey and smoke on the voice box. When it's a row of more than 50 terns -- alternately calling to each other and to the gulls that regularly interrupt their conga line -- it's some music to behold. When perusing a [...]

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