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There is a Season … Terns (Alameda Terns)

Lame Byrds pun aside . . .  Tern Nation in Alameda Their gravelly call precedes them, these terns with their fuzzy black berets and orange feet. They sound like aerial barflys with too much whiskey and smoke on the voice box. When it's a row of more than 50 terns -- alternately calling to each other and to the gulls that regularly interrupt their conga line -- it's some music to behold. When perusing a [...]

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Walking the Bay Trail at San Leandro Marina

** Photo usage and restrictions The East Bay leg of the San Francisco Bay Trail has an extraordinary, long stretch from San Leandro Marina southward to the Hayward Shoreline. Where some of the Bay Trail jogs inland on paved roads, this particular portion runs alongside the Bay and through the heart of the marina itself. The trail is walkable and bike-friendly -- better with the aid of two wheels since two feet will [...]

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Homage to Cesar Chavez in Berkeley

** Photo usage and restrictions If you venture into the off-leash area atop the hills of Cesar Chavez Park in the Berkeley Marina, you'll come upon a place of remembrance along with a worshipful look north, south, east and west. The solar calendar built on this site pays homage to Cesar Chavez, his legacy commemorated and explained in the accompanying plaques. Berkeley Solar Calendar - Panasonic FZ28 But it's also a spot that asks us [...]

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A Quiet Nation of Shorebirds – San Francisco Bay Area

I stop by Arrowhead Marsh when I'm in the vicinity of Oakland Airport . . . which is a lot, considering I'm with a guy who, essentially, commutes to work by plane. It's my consolation in solitude to stroll through the marshes with my camera after I bid farewell to Southwest or Jet Blue. During my last walk, I spotted what I like to call the "quiet nation" -- the low bubbling of shorebird [...]

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