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Foreclosure Birds . . . and Other Pets

Anyone who works in an animal rescue field knows that the current rate of home foreclosures never bodes well for pets. The number of cats and dogs callously left behind skyrockets. And beyond the innate emotional cruelty of the abandonment, some pets are locked in the homes with no food or water, left to starve in the absence of their families. People who do these things to animals are committing an incredible act of unkindness. [...]

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Things to Know (and Love) About a Japanese Quail

He was misidentified but not forgotten -- this lone Japanese Quail who fluttered his way into a wildlife hospital and then, into our hands and hearts. We gave him an appropriately Japanese name: "Mikiko" which, loosely translated, means "child of the tree." A fellow volunteer pointed out that he is not, in fact, a child of the tree -- "he's a quail, Ingrid." I know. But I couldn't find a name meaning "child of the [...]

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The Case of the Misidentified Quail

He handed over the box: "A rescued quail." We volunteer at a wildlife hospital, so a safe assumption might be California Quail. But assumptions are silly in a world where us newer volunteers sometimes mess up species identification. This bird clearly wasn't a California Quail. Their markings are distinct and easy once you know them. "It's a Japanese Quail," was the official proclamation. Not only is a Japanese Quail not a native of California, he [...]

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