The Expanding Universe of Creative Commons

The biggest bennie of attaching a Creative Commons license to your work is the unanticipated adaptation of that work in a share-alike universe. What? That is to say, I love the chain reaction that ensues from a single act of licensing -- seeing the places your work travels, usually with proper attribution and adherence to the license. One of the reasons I post some of my images under a Creative Commons license (Flickr) is to [...]

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This might be what I love most about my camera: it makes something interesting out of the most banal objects. Here's where I started . . . with a lonely and neglected patio table getting pummeled by hail. Finding the Angle That's obviously a mundane shot. Just like any written piece, a photo should tell a story or have an angle on the subject. When I was first honing my craft, I bought [...]

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Waiting Up for the Wolf Moon

The ideal time to photograph a Wolf Moon is at moonrise, along the horizon, when the illusion of size will be greatest. At moonrise yesterday, we were socked in with drizzle, clouds and brume. Even though I missed the classic horizon shot, I still wanted a glimpse and capture of this Wolf -- a near-full moon at perigee, perigee being the moon's closest point to the earth. These images are precisely what I saw, as [...]

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