I figured it was about time I added to my Bird Noir series.

I was on Elliott Bay, looking out for the re-tern of the terns — Caspian Terns — when I saw this Osprey (Pandion haliaetus) flying toward me. I pre-focused where I thought she might be fishing, but she veered off to my left and hovered over a Port of Seattle storage yard that was obscured from my view by trees. Still expecting her to make a dive into the bay, I was surprised when she suddenly plunged toward the dirt below her and swiped something from the ground … in the same way a Bald Eagle grabs her salmon with an overhand grip.

The Osprey banked left, over the fence and flew past my head. I saw she was carrying a section of thick marine rope for her nest. I shot a few frames as she dragged her treasure past me and back to the nesting platform which is just an Osprey hop-and-skip away.

As often happens to me at this particular location, she was backlit by the sun and entirely in silhouette. I was able to draw out quite a few shadow details from the RAW image, but the colors were just about bleached to black and white anyway. So, Bird Noir it is for this Osprey.

(This is one of an Osprey pair nesting on a platform constructed on Port of Seattle property near the Cruise Ship Terminal.)

Shot with my Olympus E-520, Zuiko 70-300mm f4-5.6, 1/1000, f8, ISO500.

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Osprey Carrying Marine Rope at Port of Seattle

Pandiona with Nesting Material in Seattle