My husband Hugh and I always joke that each of us should have married a business manager. We’re two happy campers when our heads are clouded with fonts and pixels … clearly reticent in the task of self-promotion.  So, up until today, I hadn’t even included my website URL on my Facebook page.

But, I did want to mention this new, colorful, and intellectually diverse magazine out of Chico, California called Empirical. It’s a current affairs and literary publication which also features creative profiles of writers and artists. In the July issue, out last Tuesday, they published some of my images, along with an interview discussing my photographic inspirations.

You can purchase and download electronic versions as well as iPhone and iPad copies. There’s a preview of each issue at the website, and, if you’re anywhere near a Barnes & Noble, you can find hard copies in the current affairs section.

The July issue features fiction and nonfiction, including a great piece by John B. Cobb, “On the Importance of Being Radical” — a look at empiricism and value judgments in the formation of our “truths.” The content is in keeping with the mission statement which says that “Empirical aspires for truth by boldly introducing thought-provoking points of view and new paradigms.”

My heartfelt thanks to Empirical’s Managing Editor Olav Bryant Smith and Editor-in-Chief Tara Bryant Smith for publishing my work in the pages of their new magazine. I’m honored by the inclusion, and I’m delighted with the beautiful and generous presentation. Thank you.