Wall of Pez

:Wall of Pez

Wall of Pez

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It’s not a Phil Spector creation (Wall of Sound) — but the Wall of Pez is the product of 15 years of collecting.

The proprietor at the Burlingame Pez Museum, a collector himself, loves him some Pez. And he’ll make you love Pez with stories about the rarest Pez Dispenser of all, the Super Spiel . . .

It was manufactured with small, Mr-Potato-Head-style fixtures, but taken swiftly off the market when it was discovered small children were swallowing said parts. Hence it’s rarity as a Pez toy.

The museum is one small room — but its packed cases feature the first Pez, signed Pez by Carrie Fisher and George Lucas, and iconic Pez like the first monster issues. Also on display are classic toys like View Masters and Colorforms, all with deep roots, all still currently in circulation.

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