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Ice Ducks

Here's my segue from Winter Water . . . to the semi-graceful form of winter ducks. The snow is gone, but I still froze my fingers into Rocket Pops, snapping pics of these ducks navigating their own version of tundra. Unlike me, the ducks kept their digits warm, thanks to the ingenious countercurrent circulation system employed in their feet. In short, the capillaries of a duck's feet work with the arteries to modulate foot temperature [...]

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A Cutthroat Trout’s Haiku (Winter Water)

Swim in mottled waves Warmed in frost, cooled in amber Iceberg is your world ~ A Cutthroat Trout's Haiku (by Ingrid Taylar) Trout\'s Ice Kingdom   Ice Gem   Almost Glacial   Rivulet in Ice Sheet   Icicle Pop   Iceberg - ¬©ingridtaylar Autumn's Gone - Leaf on Frozen Pond - ¬©ingridtaylar

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The Waxwings Are Back

I don't know exactly how long they've been back, the Cedar Waxwings. Serious birders** know from the hour. I only know by the near-silent whistles that suddenly populate our trees. And I know because we got our first injured Cedar Waxwings at the hospital in the past two weeks -- immobilized by window strikes. Today, I saw the first flock of Waxwings returning to the pyracantha and holly trees in our shared back garden. [...]

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